Linda Lake 3

OK, this is cool. I can say whatever I like, right? No questionnaire? Well, here’s my vital statistics. I have two amazing daughters. Each of them is a stellar human being. Sometimes people try to give me credit. I’ll allow that I have and always will love them unconditionally. The good genes were passed on with no effort. My own upbringing taught me that, no matter how small the body, a huge being resides therein. I never forgot that and always respected my children’s viewpoint. Their dad is a great soul, albeit enigmatic to me. The 25-year marriage is an epic novel of adventure, intrigue, passion and heartbreak. Lifetimes of experience packed into days. I always wanted to write about him and I remember telling him that it was a privilege to witness his life. From this vantage point, it is unquestionably right that we came apart, because now I have so much more to offer. I so highly value my solitude and (relative) sovereignty. Hopefully my steps and missteps have been worthwhile learning aids. No less credit , since I seem to be making a list, should go to the community of Hornby Island. The values and freedom of expression that fostered my girls’ upbringing continue to enrich our lives.

I enjoy being a sagittarius. I know that some people find my optimism annoying. My enthusiasm is often misunderstood. But I make no excuses for my love of  Truth. I’m not saying that My Truth is The Truth. I call myself a seeker, a wanderer, an observer, a Starseed…. hmmm, I might add to this list.

I am in this world and not of it. I am interacting within the matrix of this world so that I can experience other souls. I do not buy into the belief systems that are spoonfed to the masses through religion, “education”, ridiculous medical systems, government and economic slavery.

My pet peaves include vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, hysterectomies, borders…. ok that’s enough for now.

Goodbye 2012. Phew, that was quite the speedbump.


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