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I am a mom. It is my natural state. I am mother to my mother, my planet, my body and all of creation. It is simply an instinct. So, it has been a learning process to come to a place of acceptance and peace with this way of being. Our society, while verbally revering mothers, still abuses, uses, devalues, demoralizes, robs and ignores mothers.

I am a writer. Yet, I cannot write a bio. To write that I was born and then I did this and then I did that, would not be my bio. At best, it would have to be a series of short stories, like this: On the morning of my final high school exam on Latin Prose, I fainted on the bathroom floor. My father made me stay home. All of the veni, vidi, vici that I had crammed into my head, went spilling out over the next few weeks. When September came and I was able to write the paper, I achieved only 45 per cent. This brought my excellent grade point average down into the 70s and I was refused entry into the university course that I had been counting on. This was an event of great good fortune that I now can fully appreciate. At the time, I was angry, disillusioned and very disappointed.

My passions and skills are diverse and my purpose is to learn and to serve. Chaos into order, problem solving, simplification, spaceal intelligence, being supportive and making improvements are my natural modus operandi

Even though I was still in grade school when JFK was shot, there was something triggered in me that day that has led me to call myself a truth seeker. I think I knew pretty early in life that what I was being fed and told by mainstream society was not right, not fair and definitely did not have my best interests at heart.

The Pleasantville diet (meat, potatoes and heaps of pancakes) was not working for me. It was only when I left home at age 20 that I discovered a love of fresh vegetables and cooking. The first diet I tried was macrobiotics and I dropped 60 pounds without effort.

In those days I was part of a community – you know, flower children! We went back to the land and learned how to live without electricity or running water. We grew gardens, chopped wood, made our clothes, spun and dyed, canned and dried. It was absolute heaven.

Something else that affected me deeply were The Seth Books. They completely interrupted my life. I saw sparks and flashes coming from the pages. In a time of loneliness and despair, my inner life flourished. I started with Transcendental Meditation and have practiced and learned many different ways of connecting with source. Most recently I have enjoyed the bliss found in practicing Kunlun.

I spent alot of time in India, but not in the way other seekers have done. We would travel to Goa and be there in winter, when the climate in Quebec was at its harshest. Just being on that continent taught me so much. I observed what I called “instant karma”. In the west, life is too fast and complex to see the workings of action and reaction. It was there that I developed a fascination for past lives. Each rock and twig and speck of dust seemed to ooze with history and mystery.

As much as I love and call upon the wisdom of the Hindu deities, I realized that this body, this life was most grounded in the rituals, ceremonies and knowings of North American Spiritual practice. I have studied and observed these teachings for years, but make no claims of authority.

I have experienced, researched and observed so many bodies of knowledge and points of view. I love learning. I am a lifetime student. I have chosen not to pursue a degree. I would find it much too hard to choose one subject. I like to “float” things. Being a Saggie, I am on a perpetual mission to find the truth. Here’s what I’ve learned about that. The juicy part is the seeking, not so much the finding. The finding can go two ways: the moment that you declare something to be true, it begins to unravel into “not true”… as though the duality of Gemini (opposite of sagittarius) is naturally engaged. The other thing that might happen with finding truth… rigidity, limitation, history – all qualities of the next sign in the zodiac – Capricorn.

India is ruled by Capricorn – big old continent, teaming with history. My eldest daughter traveled to Goa with us, I think 5 times. I didn’t realize it then, but sucking on fresh coconuts during both pregnancies turned out to be a very healthy thing to do. My second daughter was born when I was 40 and it was a beautiful home birth.

We moved to Victoria and later to Hornby Island, where I was to spend 12 years raising my daughters, running a campground and getting to know the most eclectic, capable, creative, loving and inspiring community that I know of. What turned out to be the most stable time of my life was a time when I was able to pursue my studies more deeply. I became empassioned with asteroids. Astrology suddenly opened up and mushroomed in my mind. These were the mid 90s and alternative healing and metaphysical information was extensively available. While my girls were going to school, I was inspired and excited by the internet and the vast availability of everything I wanted to know.

I think the next big growth spurt was studying the Merkaba and listening to 36 hours of Drunvalo Malchizedek. His work is mind expanding and it led me further into ley lines, crop circles and ever so much more.

I bought a unit called a Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface. This is an amazing healing device. In my next blog I’ll tell you more about that. It’s controversial, the company and the politics, but the original device is a powerful healing tool and helped me to learn a great deal about many different healing modalities.

The best thing that came out of that endeavor was a friendship with my teacher Dave Cowan. He also taught me dowsing, which has been a helpful tool. Dave has been a great friend and mentor over the years. He and his wife are the finest kind of people. Here is their website:

More recently, I have acquired a Tennant Biomodulator. This is a wonderful device that raises the frequency of cells and balances the ph in the body. It is great for pain. For more info on this check:


For as long as I can remember I have struggled with the name Linda. It’s a perfectly good name – I just don’t think it’s mine. Perhaps some day I will grow into, retrieve or create my very own true name. In the meantime, a name that makes me smile and feel happy is Olivia. So I am adopting Olivia as my second name. That makes my full name Linda Olivia Lake – a very nice up hill and down dale sounding name. Of course, the added fun is that my initials are now LOL.

When I was growing up, I had the worst time understanding my mother. I remember, in my early 20s, thinking that she was the unsolvable puzzle. Some day I intend to write a book entitled “My Mother is a Study”. In those early days I was often besieged with confusion, anger and frustration about my mother and my life and the world. It was the 70s and the advice, guidelines, expectations and options that society presented were changing and conflicted.

I turned to astrology. I have a deep and natural love of sacred geometry. The beauty of its perfection is music to the soul. Order and symmetry is very soothing to me. I dearly love silence, symmetry and the magical language of mathematics. Another thing that I will never tire of is the night sky. And so, on my quest to understand my mother, I entered the eternal fractal of astrology, riding the slippery curves of change and cycles, finding certainty in the notion that the more you know, the more there is to know.

Back in the 70s it was all done by hand. I am grateful that I did the exercise of manually configuring charts and writing out interpretations in long hand. It was good practice and helped me to understand the mathematical relationships between the character in question and the celestial bodies.

Over the years I have added layers of information over the basic symphony of our solar system. The asteroids provide valuable tidbits and clues to the mystery. There are any number of celestial orbs that can be added. The different types of charts, various opinions on them, delineations and interpretations can soon become an overwhelming body of information. No, there has to be more than mathematics.

Each of us is a universe unto ourselves. We know that every freckle, line and curve of our body tells us about ourselves. (OK, well at least I know that – or I think I do.) Hilarion talks about this in fascinating detail. Our bodies, our thoughts and emotions are clues, bits and pieces, microcosms in the hologram of life and existence.

While that may make you feel like a grain of sand, still, you are a unique and intrinsic grain at that. In these times of powerful awakenings and frightening changes, more and more are waking to the knowledge that we are being used as slaves on our own planet, sold a bill of goods that by now is full of holes and even openly killed, infected with man-made disease and asked to accept the demise of our own kind in the name of homeland security.

Thank goodness uranus has arrived at the Aries point, begun his journey through that fire sign and lighted the torch of evolution and revolution. Things will move fast now. We need to be mindful of our grounding and connection with mother earth, her seasons and cycles. Then we can more clearly listen to our hearts and stay true to the choice we need to make with each step along the way – fear or unconditional Love.


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