Double Deek Fake-out

Mercury went retrograde on January 21. It was at 17 degrees aquarius and will retreat to 1 aquarius, then retrace steps beginning Feb. 12.

Mercury is communication, messages, listening, hearing and aquarius is the community, humanity, the group, internet.

I have in this time noticed 3 occasions where I am perceiving a double-fake by the PTB. I think they could be orchestrating a “Who’s on First” kind of deal in order to confuse and ultimately defuse the anarchistic, revolutionary energy that has been building exponentially. It has also not helped that the south node has recently passed over uranus in Aries, having the effect of sucking the blood from the celestial body governing change and breakthrough/breakout/breakdown. In our lives mercury retrograde can keep us distracted dealing with little tangles and when it comes to who to trust and what to believe, it has the effect of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Mars has been adding energy to the neptunian deception and the Sun in aquarius is directing the focus toward revolution, group action and networking. So if TPTB can use the celestial energies to their advantage, well so can we. That’s the good thing about astrology. I’ve been humming that tune “you’ve got to know when to hold’m and know when to fold’m”. Here’s what I’ve been looking into:

1. Alfred Lambremont Webre recently came out with the shocking revelation that he accused Kevin Annett of defrauding the public. After some research, I reluctantly conceded that this is, in all probability, the truth. More and more people are stepping up to confirm that they also had reached this conclusion. So, my saddest realization was that I (and presumably others) had been complacently satisfied in thinking that Kevin had the paedophilia thing in hand. How horrifying and embarrassing (that I wasn’t more discerning). And now, after all the revelations, accusations and actions that Kevin documented, am I to throw the whole body of work into the bin? Was none of it real? For me, it is confusing, debilitating and demoralizing, kinda like finding out your #1, your champion, your partner has been cheating on you.  Now Alfred is slamming Michael Tellinger. I have to wonder, has Alfred been compromised? Why couldn’t he leave it at Kevin. That was enough – now get back to work. Honestly, it puts doubt on Alfred himself and his body of work. Oh, those clever PTB.

2. Zen Gardner is not necessarily attacking D wilcock, but rather using his work to show the massive economic fake-out that is being perpetrated. check it out.

3. Finally I quote here from Veterans Today, how we have been led down the garden path. Thinking we were smart and on top of things, we let so-called alternative journalists tell us the inside scoop. TPTB have again deeked us out by leading us to one false conclusion so that we don’t dig deeper and find the real truth:

Truth Gone Bad, How 9/11 Activists Have Failed
there is increasing evidence that the “9/11 truth movement” is, in actuality, a thoroughly controlled and infiltrated “clan” tasked with suppressing truth, not spreading it. Experts in counter-intelligence who have researched both materials and key individuals involved have found evidence that the “dead in the water” groups continue year after year for one purpose only, to represent a “point of focus” away from leaked materials that have, in actuality, entirely solved “the 9/11 mystery.”
Read more at NEO…

“As 9/11 is exposed in a wider context, not only as a preliminary to the War on Terror, but a decade of staged “color revolutions” and false flag terrorism, of phony insurgencies and “cardboard Lothario” bad guys, it has become clear that activist groups and the “alternative media” are nearly all run by police and intelligence organizations with ties to Israel and the “compromised” governments of the West.”

IMHO now is not the time to act. I am using this mercury retrograde period to reread, rethink, review my understanding and conclusions about many things. Like the old story of partner cheating on you, I don’t want to hear how you love me and you’ll do better – again! I want the truth. So mercury is retrograde until February 12th. On February 19th mars will enter Aries, his home turf. On the 20th, venus and the moon will join him there. That will be a time to take action. Ultimately we do have a choice. Maybe not to opt out, cash in your chips and choose a different planet next time (thought about it)…. rather to dance with the energies of the celestial bodies, go with the flow and try to be at cause – not at effect. If we are reacting to fake events like Charlie Hebdo, let’s put that energy to good use. Reminds me of another tune “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim”. I’m just trying to keep my anarchistic edge by pointing out anomalies in the hologram.



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