My Little Drama

Dear Friends,
I thought I would write to those of you who have been following my little drama. I am amazingly ok and moving on. Yesterday at this time I was sitting in Becky’s garden with a shot of vodka and an ice chaser. We were bruised, sweaty and quite cranky….

The job started June 1st. I was thrilled to get my things from storage and move in. It was June 25 when Marty told me he wanted me out as soon as possible. I was in tears when I called his wife, Sue, and told her what he had said. It was doubly horrifying when she started listing the possible reasons: I had talked about DNA adjustment with my friends at the open house – Marty overheard… it’s part of my QXCI program; I moved the telephone in the garage – I did that for easier access for Marty and the gardener – so we could all share it; I moved his motorcycle – not possible, that huge hog; I gave the electrician/plumber too much work to do – ok: the toilet was constantly running, stove had a short in it (dangerous), the fridge was iced up and wouldn’t make ice… well, you get the idea. I was hired as a caretaker. In short, bunch of bs.

I realize the reason was that I was taking the wife’s side. The day I went to sign the contract, Marty and Sue were having a disagreement about the screens on the guest house. He had taken them all off. It was hot and she asked him about new screens. Even though it was our first meeting, she told me he was in a bad mood and would not come to speak with us. I asked about him signing the contract and she said “don’t worry I’m signing it”. First red flag.

Coupla weeks later, pretending I knew nothing, I asked Marty about the screens. He puffed up like a storm cloud and said that all screens were dirty, broken and didn’t fit properly. I wondered if the guests were allowed to open the windows. He said “if you want to put on screens when I’m not looking, go ahead”. I called Sue and she came over the next day. Together we had a great time putting screens on the whole house. It was cool and breezy in the house – a much needed airing out.

He didn’t notice right away. But on June 25th I knew he was in a bad mood. I went out, knowing he would be leaving by late afternoon. Before he did so, he knocked on my door. That was when he fired me. I didn’t realize until later that he had ripped out every single screen. That same day, he had sanded the oak stairway in the entrance, covering everything on the 2nd and 3rd floor with dust. Guests were coming in 2 days. Again I called Sue and told her what I had discovered. She had a big horse show coming up on the weekend and now she would have to clean that whole house without my help. She said she was very sorry for how things had turned out. She said even though she told Marty that she had helped me put on the screens he was unrelenting. Clearly, she’s frightened of him and I got in the crossfire. In case you didn’t pick up on the underlined bit, she did not take responsibility for the screens.

I knew he was a jerk, but she seemed confident, so I went with that. In hindsight I wonder if he was liking the idea of having a woman alone at the guest house. He had told me their sex life was not good. There were a few sexual inuendos – more red flags that I stupidly ignored.

I was so happy to have a home, employment and meaningful work in a beautiful place. I wanted to share it with you all. This was the retreat lodge I had dreamed of for many years.

Underlying the screen story is something more real to me, but not to everyone. Myself and 2 friends had a plan to do an energetic clearing on the house. I had bought a sage bundle and unpacked my drum. Both my friends were bringing drums. We all could feel that this was needed. It wasn’t just the lack of screens that made the place feel stuffy. We planned to do the work on Wednesday, but I was fired on Monday. I had thought about doing this myself, and even went about preparing. I couldn’t find matches, etc. etc… things held me up until it was almost dark and then I did not feel right about it. the idea was forbidding. So I waited for my friends. Too bad it never happened. Maybe it’s a good thing for us. On the day of being fired, I talked to the trees on the property. I walked the circumference of the land, just touching and connecting, not asking. When I walked the beach, I noticed a black ooze coming from the earth, emptying into the sea. Ugly. I had a whole different sense of the place.

I can’t believe it has been only 2 weeks. It was like someone died. I cried, I denied, i got angry and then I got to work.

It was so cool that the very day of my dismissal I heard from Fred. He was in sweltering hot New Delhi, buying silk. He sent me 3 huge parcels. I thought i would buy a van and live in it for the summer, then sell it. I picked out a good one. My mechanic liked it enough to do a thorough inspection. In the end, he advised me against it. With mercury retrograde approaching soon, I shelved that idea.

I was trying not to stay at Cowichan Bay because marty was acting like a madman. He had come back the next day and taken my key to the big house and removed my internet access (that’s just mean). He evidently realized that I was entitled to stay for 60 days as per my contract, but he set about making it pretty uncomfortable. I knew guests would arrive soon and that would feel more safe for sleeping. I needed to pack. So once they arrived, I had the very difficult task of repacking all my treasures and memories that I had so happily unpacked a couple of weeks earlier. I hadn’t seen my things for over 3 years. I sat and read “Chelsea’s Amazing Stories” from grade 3. I reunited with clothing, jewelry and books I’d forgotten I had. I gave lots of stuff away, recycled, sold a few things for next to nothing. It was sooo hard at first. By the end I was just chucking things in boxes.

I talked to a lawyer. Nothing to stand on as a tenant. As an employee, we talked about wrongful dismissal. I can make a claim, probably next month, after mercury retrograde and when Jupiter is past opposing my personal planets. (thank you Robert)

On July 3, full moon on my mars, mars on my Ascendant, my luck changed. I had put an ad on craigslist “house sitter available” and I got a call. Heather and I hit it off beautifully. She said all the things I needed to hear. Without even checking my references, she put me in charge of her place immediately. It is for sale and I am here to oversee the sprucing up and make sure it is pristine for showing. My kind of job. It’s for the whole of July/August. Sooo happy.

I moved in immediately and got a couple of much needed nights’ sleep. I then braced myself and spent a final night at cowichan Bay. There were no guests. I could see that Marty had been there. He had parked my bike right in front of the door, so I had to move it to get in. He had jammed the garage door shut, so when I moved out, everything had to go through the little side door. I knew that he had to pay on the ferry  weekends to come across from Thetis Island, so I was banking on his stinginess that he would not be there on Sunday. I went late on Saturday, when I was sure he would be gone and got busy with final moving preparations.

I had secured a storage locker in Duncan (10 minutes away) and a UHaul. I had a guy lined up who would pick Becky up in Victoria on Sunday morning in his pickup. That way, we could load all my plants from the greenhouse – virtually a whole garden that was burgeoning in that environment – into his truck to take back to Becky’s house. Once we packed all my belongings into the UHaul destined for the storage unit, we could go in tandem to Duncan, transfer the stuff to storage, switch uhaul for my car and go together to victoria. Great plan. He never showed up. I had been texting with him for 2 days about price, time, phone numbers, addresses, directions, bla bla. It was after 11 am Sunday morning, when he was to show up at Becky’s that I got a text saying he was not coming. I sooo freaked. I was so very screwed. I had paid for the Uhaul, paid for the storage. I was there alone with my boxes and Becky had no ride.

….I have to say that on top of all this, for the whole 2 weeks I could hardly eat or sleep. My heart was beating too fast. I was taking baths with rescue remedy and aconite for shock but still my body was taxed. Actually, it was amazing what I could do. Must be the mars energy. I was lifting things I wouldn’t think of attempting normally. When I would feel overcome, I would smudge myself and the whole place….

OK, so I cried, went for a walk, tried to breathe, prayed. I had to go to the big house and sit under the office window to get an internet signal. Well thank God for that. I went to Craigslist and there was a new ad, just fresh, that hadn’t been there when I looked before. I called the number and, blessed be, Jerry answered. “jerry, I am soo screwed” I said. I could hear the dollar signs going kching kching. So I slowed up a bit and said, it’s about 4 hours work, I’ll pay you $200 if you will come right away. He went for it and he even brought a friend.

Now, the other thing is that it’s Sunday morning and I’m trying not to pay attention to the fact that Marty could show up at any time. I’m sitting there with my boxes, shuffling them around, trying to keep busy and pass the time til my helpers arrive. I’ve told Becky not to get in Jerry’s truck unless she feels perfectly comfortable. She texts me they are on their way. OK, 45 minutes more to be alone with my beating heart. Thank God for Robert’s radio show, Liz’ aconite, Khrystie’s rescue remedy, Paige’s phone call and all of your prayers and good wishes. Fuck that was a hard day.

Well they did really good. We got outta there inside of 1 hour. Of course, I had cleaned and swept and fussed beforehand, so it was pedal to the metal. These 2 guys were not the gentle, respectful types I would have chosen. Perhaps it was good that they were kind of hackers. Because when I opened the door to my storage locker and we looked at the contents of the truck, there was a looonnnng silence. Then “no wayyy that’s goin’ in dere” he says. Well, it did. I had measured and I knew it would, but I hadn’t planned on stuffing it in quite such a random manor. It was friggin’ hot, sweat was pouring and we were all getting a little testy. So, at some point I just let go of control, got out of the way and they threw it all in there. I’ll go back one day in the fall and hopefully find some winter gear.

Becky was my rock yesterday. If it had not been for her, I would have never made it. She worked so hard on her one day off in the week. She put up with those guys and kept an eye on what was fragile and breakable. We told the guys to meet us at her place with the plants. She went with me to return the Uhaul and get my car. I had a bike rack I had bought at a garage sale the day before. When we went to hang the bike on the car, it folded in a limp and helpless way. Crap. What we ended up doing is a mystery to me. Somehow we got my bicycle into the back seat of my little honda civic. Both windows rolled down, tires bulging out, we firmly closed those doors, got in and took off. Not a word was spoken until victoria was in sight.

Later that night, when I got home to my lovely new house sit, I made the mistake of opening the back door of the car. Try as I might I could not get that bike outa there. So I left it, door open, interior light off, and crashed. This morning I had to remove the console to get it out.

So, I have slept and eaten all day today. I’ve had a fabulous bath in epsom salts and the world looks terrific.

Thanks for listening.


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