December update on Laminine. I continue to notice ways in which my body uses the remarkable building blocks that laminine provides. I was developing a deep ridge on the front of one front tooth. It was like a Hornby rock, which is to say a sandstone that is worn away by water and time. I am amazed to discover that this ridge has now healed itself. Also I saw a friend recently, who hadn’t seen me for over a year. I mentioned that I thought my hair was getting darker and she confirmed that it was very noticeable. I am 62 and would normally expect to start turning grey. thru all the difficult events and transitions of the past year, I feel that laminine has helped to keep my spirits up and energy solid. yeah.

Today is the autumnal equinox. The sun is directly on my ascendant today and the moon sits on my IC. It’s a first quarter moon, pregnant with possibility. Soon saturn will enter scorpio, making a trine (120 degrees) with Neptune and a grand trine with my midheaven. Summer is officially over and looking back at my life and attitude last spring, it seems I have lived lifetimes in the interim. Despair, hope, anger, bliss, gratitude, amusement… what a trip! I hope to write it all down here, but today’s post is about Laminine. This product has given me the stamina and emotional balance that I needed to get through it all. I am still very happy with the texture and color of my hair, the softness of my skin, improved eyesight and overall positive attitude. Following is a rundown of my experience with the product and a few links to valuable information and testimony:

Dec. 16/11

i have decided to go ahead and try this product. I have ordered 2 bottles, which totals 60 capsules. I have been told that I would get obvious results if I took 4 capsules a day for 2 weeks. So, the total cost is $68, including shipping. If I decide to “join”, I would buy the initial 3 bottles and commit to buying 1 each month. I can quit at any time.

So, right now, due to all the expensive supplements I have been taking, including Floradix, Spatone, FrequenSea, coQ10, B12, Reishi mushrooms, D3, iodine, homeopathic thyroid and dessicated thyroid…. i think that’s it…… my hair is still slightly falling out at a rate of 8 or 10 hairs a day. Much better than it was, but now I am hoping to thicken it up again.

Also, I have had a chronic cough since Sept 2 years ago on Maui, when I had laryngitis. Possibly due to mold.

My teeth have been losing enamel, which has been a concern. Also my eyes are better since returning to BC, but still somewhat dry and slight discharge. I found that my time on Maui was very hard on my eyes. I attribute the dry itchiness to the vog there. That’s volcanic ash mixed with cane burning – throw in the chemtrails and wonton spraying of roadsides – quite a challenge for the lungs and eyes especially.

The battle of the bulge is ongoing (story of my life) and I have changed my diet from strict protein and salads in the summer, to eating quite a lot of eggs, making various easy finger food with coconut flour. I have been trying to warm up the body with soups and spices. Every coupla weeks I enjoy making my Beet salad, which usually results in a good cleanout.

Still, the fourth toe on the right is pretty much always numb. It is enlarged from years of chillblains. This toe is the gall bladder meridian. I could probably stick pins in it. The tip is tender though. If it gets very cold, the thawing process is quite painful. This will happen easily, due to poor circulation (years of cigarettes).

I have completed a candida cleanse and a liver cleanse with disappointing results. I did continue to drink coffee, but not every day.

My intention is to do the 2-week laminine trial. After that I will do the 2-day liver cleanse with olive oil/lemon juice. If I still have the cough, I might do a course of MMS. Then I plan to do a weightloss programme (3 weeks) before spring.

……so, really hoping this laminine works wonders so I might avoid the above rather torturous regimens.

Jan. 6/12

starting taking 4/day – 2 in the morning and 2 before supper

Jan. 19/12

Hi Jim,
Just a note to let you know that I am really pleased with my results. I have noticed increased circulation in my (very cold here in Canada) toes. A noticeable difference in my skin and complexion. Most importantly, I’m sooo happy! I started wondering a few days ago, why I was so happy. Then it dawned on me – more seratonin!

So, as soon as I can contact a Canadian distributor, I want to get on board. I would appreciate any information you can pass on.

Feb. 24/12

I started taking Laminine on January 6, 2012. My friend who recommended it, said that a good test would be to take 4 capsules for 10 days. I knew after one week that the benefit was remarkable. I’ve had chill blaines in my toes for many years, due to freezing them while skiing when I was younger. The first thing I noticed with the laminine was that my toes were on fire! The increased circulation was making them red and sore. This symptom has now (six weeks later) gone away and the feeling is restored in my toes. The reason I was anxious to try the product, was because my hair was falling out. Increased iron and other supplements did help, but once I started on the laminine, I noticed increased hair growth, strength and lustre. The skin on my face is so smooth. All of my skin is firmer and softer. I am sleeping through the night, a full eight hours. Something a bit harder to describe is the sense that my “will” is strengthened. Perhaps it’s adrenals or serotonin, but I just know that my stamina feels deeper. I am excited to continue with this great product, as I have read that it is helpful for memory and brain development.

I have included some further information below, with the website and my link for ordering. Friends in Canada: there will be a Canadian outlet very soon. Meanwhile, write to me to arrange delivery.
All the best,
Linda Lake

This youtube describes the product in a pretty concise way:

Here is a guest post from C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D

Sometimes the Universe wants to get your attention. Such has been my experience with Laminine. Knowing my interest in safe life enhancing products, a friend recently sent me 3 packages of it. I took it and, of course, being healthy, I did not notice much. Just as I was finishing that batch another trusted friend brought me another bottle. HMMM. That day I also got an email from another friend pushing the same product. When the iron strikes three times that close together, it is worth serious consideration. So, I reread the original literature I had been sent, continued taking it, and decided that perhaps I could cut out some of the two handfuls of supplements I take every day! I certainly have not missed them and I may cut even more.

Here are just a few of the reported effects:

Increases serotonin­the key to a happy mood. Reduces physical and emotional stress! Makes you more alert
Stimulates DHEA production­considering that 90% of people over 40 are dragging in this critical hormone, a great benefit!
Increases strength of body, mind and emotions. Improves endurance and energy
Helps enhance sleep
Enhances libido ­hmmm
Decreases cortisol, the major stress hormone!
Improves skin tone
Reduces pain
Has been reported to help ADHD and Parkinsonism

Thank you Dr. Shealy

1 capsule:
opt9 (TM) proprietary blend 620 mg
(fertilized avian egg extract, marine protein, phyto protein)

other ingredients: vegetable gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

you can read about opt9 at
order from me at

Here is an audio interview with a woman who has 10 years experience taking Laminine. I highly recommend listening to it because she covers so many of the questions that come up about taking a new supplement. She is as thrilled and enthusiastic about laminine as I am:

For those who prefer information in a visual form, here is an indepth description of Laminine, it’s history, ingredients and benefits:

Laminine on PBS:


5 responses to “Laminine

  1. are you still taking laminine? has the positive effects stayed with you?
    im experiencing alot of symptoms and was really considering trying this supplement even though it is expensive. I’m doing some reading about it and ran across your post… thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Suzette,
      I have recommended Laminine to lots of people. Not everyone has such a remarkable experience. But the very sensitive do share my experience. I think the most efficient way to find out if it is for you, is to take 4 caps/day for 2 weeks. You should know by then. I am still taking one a day. I love that my skin is so soft and even in my 60s, still quite firm.

  2. I have been taking laminine for 3 months and since I’m very healthy I feel great but one thing bothers me. Why is my hair falling off? Is the 4 dose a day too strong for me or maybe the new hairs are pushing out the old. no one has the answer.

    • Jan, there could be many reasons why your hair is falling out. Have you had a recent pregnancy, surgery or trauma? Any chance of radiation? How is the health of your thyroid? I think that 4/day caps of laminine will not hurt you, but you may need something more. Perhaps it is your digestion and the supplements are not being metabolized. One thing that’s important to consider is allergies. For instance if you are allergic to eggs, laminine would likely not be good for you. Hold the bottle of laminine to your heart. Does your body naturally sway towards it, or away from it? This is a simple quick test that sometimes works for me. When you say “no one has the answer” I guess you have seen a naturopath? Kinesiology can be helpful. I really wish you luck and I hope you will act on this right away. If you wait until Oct 20, mercury will be retrograde – not a good time to start something new.

      • There is no surgery, pregnancy, trauma, thyroid problem or anything else that could be the culprit. I will look into the possibility that I may be allergic to eggs. Thank you for this info.

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