Personal Assistant

Office, kitchen, entertaining, moving, cleaning, computer, organizing, errands, laundry, typing, editing, transcribing, gardening, planning, problem solving, listening

This is my little ad that I post from time to time on the net. I just love doing the domestic thing. I’ve lived in India, rural Quebec, Maui and different places on the West Coast. I’m really good at conserving water, putting food by and making good use of resources. It’s not easy to say in a few words all the diversity of experiences and jobs that led me to being a capable assistant. I had a conversation with God one time and it went something like this: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. My impression was, and is, that God was sort of shrugging his shoulders and saying “oops”. Like, darn, there goes that curiosity of mine. Hmmmm, I wonder if God is a Gemini. So, I feel a comraderie with God, friends, family…you… So many existing projects, homes, lives, families, creations and businesses really need assistance. I’m there.


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